Dill Pickle Whipped Cream Cheese

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Where are our pickle lovers at? This is THE cream cheese for you. We whip up beautifully fragrant dill with small chunks of pickles and it creates heaven in spread form. You could use it as a spread on a bagel, or tuna melt or as a dip with chips... whatever you want, we aren't going to tell you what to do.

Size: 8oz


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    Dill Pickle Whipped Cream Cheese


    Finally got to try the bagels (pizza and everything) and the chilli garlic cream cheese! Found them at the Welland Market and all that was available was the pizza and everything. Everything was sooooooo good! Definitely going to place an order to try other kinds.


    The varieties, the flavours and the extras (so many spreads) are worth it every time! So much passion has gone into this company.


    The best bagels around, so fresh and delicious with so many flavours to choose from. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.


    Fresh handmade bagels delivered to your home. Great selection for those that like sweet or savoury. Specialty bagel flavours are so unique and delicious!


    The BEST bagels in the Niagara Region hands down! A wide variety of flavours, awesome customer service and don't forget to grab the cream cheese and whipped butter before you leave.


    My kids and I LOVE the bagels I bought and they are so soft that my 15 month old can eat it safely she even steals mine that how much she love the raisin bagels I just can not say enough how much I love these bagels